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International Consortium “EuroBelarus” was established in 2007 for stimulation and support of pro-European development of Belarus as competent actor in European relations at all possible levels. Later on in 2010 within the process of cooperation development within Consortium frames its participants accepted CULTURED POLITICS as wider and long-term program of activity.

International Consortium “EuroBelarus” sees its mission in stimulating, shaping and providing position of civil society as equal, competent and representative actor in both Belarusan society and Belarusan-European cooperation on the basis of the ideas and principles of the Cultured Politics and the EUROPEAN CHARTER OF ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP.

The major objectives of “EuroBelarus” are:

  1. Strengthening and development of public policy sphere in Belarus formed with participation of civil society on the principles of competence, openness, transparency and public control.

  2. Improving quality of information and analytics provided for civil society representatives as well as for their local and international partners.

  3. Organizational development of civil society organisations, their active and conscious participation in the processes of de-Sovietization, Belarusization and Europeanization.

  4. Development of communication arenas and other types of platforms aimed at discussing problems of Belarusan-European relations and active citizenship in Belarus and Europe.

International Consortium “EuroBelarus” is not an umbrella organization, network or association. It is specific kind of task-force alliance uniting significant group of Belarusan and European leaders, experts and civil society organizations on the idea of restoration of role and place of Belarus in modern Europe. It is more correct to recognize “EuroBelarus” as community united by joint goals, values and means of activity.

International Consortium “EuroBelarus” incorporates International NGO “EuroBelarus” (registered in Lithuania), Centre for European Transformation founded by this NGO and twelve ORGANIZATIONS-PARTICIPANTS of the Consortium.

Within the frames of its program activities “EuroBelarus” also actively develops PARTNERSHIPS with a set of organizations both in Belarus and abroad.

For several years of its activity “EuroBelarus” has succeeded to implement a number of initiatives in the format of public hearings, conferences, round tables, information and advocacy campaigns etc. Analytics and researches produced by the experts of Centre for European Transformation have become the stable basement for self-organization and forming various groups of interests, partnerships and coalitions in the civic sector of Belarus.

Being actively involved in the Eastern Partnership initiative since 2009, “EuroBelarus” has been and still is one of the main “engines” of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and the National Platform established on its basis.

Consortium website EUROBELARUS.INFO provided with information service is one of the main information sources on the issues of civil society development and Belarusan-European relations.

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